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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Worst

There are several things I do well.

Examples include ...

Folding t-shirts
Singing Disney/Prince of Egypt songs
Making Chicken N Dumplin' Casserole
Quoting every episode of Friends
Speaking in a southern accent (This might be my number one trait)
Picking out amazing perfumes
Rolling my tongue
Making people laugh
SuperMario World and Go-Karts on Super Nintendo
Showering, Blowdrying the hair and makeuping at lightning speed
Making new friends
Editing copy
Air Hockey

There are also several things I do not do well.

Examples include:

Parallel Parking ... Some would say driving in general, but that's not necessarily true.
Pre-Calculus ... Stayed after school three days a week my senior year of high school. It was not pretty.
Braiding hair ... or anything
Microeconomics. Basically anything math related.
Painting my nails
Pretending I'm fine when I'm really not
Getting my hair cut (I always end up crying over it for a week)
Disciplining my dog
Cutting onions. Cry everytime.
Sleeping with noise

And around this time of year, I get to remind myself that

I am.
The worst.
Present wrapper.

My poor future children. Their birthday parties and Christmases are already doomed.

I was in a list-y mood tonight.

That is all.