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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Beyond Measure

"Anything in life worth having is worth working for" - Andrew Carneige

I don't know who Andrew Carneige is or what he did for a living ... but, he must have been a man full of wisdom.

I just don't know if there has been or ever will be a more true statement ever uttered.

I've gone from


all within seven months. I'm blessed beyond measure. And I know that.

Not only have I learned that the best things in life are the result of hard work ... but, everything happens when it's supposed to happen and there's a reason behind it. 

Tonight, I'm counting my blessings and smiling from ear to ear each time I look at that business card. It's so incredibly cheesy, but that card is a symbol of 5 years of hard work and and serious studying ... not to mention an insane job hunt process and a brutal first "big-girl" job (If you don't know the story, just ask. It's a good one ... and by good, I mean awful).

I'm guilty of doing more complaining in the brutal moments than showing gratitude in the good moments. I need to stop that. 

Life is good. And I'm recognizing it. And I'm thankful. 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Excuse

This weekend, I realized that there is one excuse that can get you out of any situation. Be it awkward, uncomfortable, unwanted, weird, boring, unpleasant ... it can always remove you (temporarily) from any situation you might choose.

I don't understand how I am 24 years old and just now coming to my senses about this.

I had a moment this weekend where I used this excuse to remove myself from the dance floor of sky bar where a guy I met 15 minutes prior was behaving as though we knew each other for a long time and in a very deep, meaningful way. It was not pleasant or enjoyable, and I needed out. So I announced to him and my friends around me ... "I gotta pee".

I absolutely did not have to pee, as I had peed 15 minutes prior. But I walked away like I had to and instead went outside, sat down and made brand new friends with complete strangers who did not put their body parts on me! Imagine!

But as I sat there, it dawned on me that I had just used my kidneys for something not urinary related. I had used them for escape ... and I could use it for escape over and over and over again if I wanted to.

And I intend on doing so whenever needed.

It's amazing what the human body is capable of, is it not?

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Stupid Regions Field Part 2

Let it be known that I received the following comment on the previous post about Regions Field: 

"i have to argue that you are way off the mark with this post. I agree that Birmingham could use some touch ups and maybe it wasn't the best idea to invest so much on the city dime, but Regions Field is the catalyst for uniting the rising downtown community you claim doesn't exist. You believe that coffee shops and grocery stores are whats missing....ever been to second row??? Ever noticed Cityville on 20th ST??? The loft district is the most sought after real estate market in the city behind Crestwood, despite your suburban view of the area being "sketchy". You say we need a museum. The BMA is one the most highly recognized art collection and exhibit holders in the country. An article was published yesterday in the LA Times praising Birmingham for our parks, landmarks, and art museum. Make the BJCC a dome you say..ok La La..make a dome, buy a beluga whale, then you can sleep better at night thinking that Birmingham is just like Atlanta, or L-ville, or Chattanooga... We have a chance to redefine Birmingham through baseball, local beer, world class cuisine, and a new generation of progressive citizens devoted to seeing this city succeed. We dont need to try and mold ourselves into something that already exists a few hours down the interstate. As for your JCrew and outlet malls.... Go shop at the galleria or the summit you spoiled little child! Your statements show that you have no connection to this city and clearly you do not understand what the citizens of the downtown area, those of us who live and work here, want to see happen in "our" neighborhood. There are a great number of people and local businesses who have united over the past 5 years to motivate change in our city. Even though you may think its a bad idea, this park means more than words can express to those of us who have actually invested our time and money into creating a sense of community and progress in the area. The problem with Birmingham is not stupid Regions Field, its stupid Amy Barton and her narrow minded assault on other peoples efforts to progress and improve."

What a colorful character, don't you think? Shame we can't give credit where credit is due ... mystery commenter has a pseudonym. Way to be proud of your argument, bro. 

For the record, this blog is merely a vehicle to express my thoughts, adventures and opinions.  If you don't like it or agree with it, make sure you lock the door on your way out. 

Happy Saturday, Everyone!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Stupid Regions Field

Birmingham has a new Regions Field in the downtown area.
To the tune of $64 million, according to the very reliable 


Are we that spoiled that a 24 year old Hoover Met just wasn't cutting it anymore? I don't understand, and I'm very angry that my tax dollars went to the construction of this monstrosity. And you should be too.

Birmingham lacks several metropolitan elements and falls short of other southern cities like Atlanta, Nashville, Charleston, Savannah ... even Louisville, Kentucky holds its ground better than Birmingham, I'd argue! (Granted, I have only visited Louisville for one whole day for a job interview but I did have the chance to drive around and L-ville is what's up!)

I cannot help but think of all the other things I would have had the city spend that $64 million on had I had a say in the matter. I really honestly think that money could have been put to better use in making Birmingham a better place to live and visit. I mean come on.

Why not ... update the downtown area so it wouldn't be so sketchy for people to live down there? Make grocery stores and restaurants and coffee shops and bookstores all within walking distance and create a little downtown community. What would be wrong with that? Shoot, I'd love to live downtown if it had that kind of feel to it.

Why not ... update the civic center to be more like the Philips Arena in Atlanta? Philips is so incredibly nice with indoor restaurants and stores, bars, the works. I'd pay a little more to drive the 2 hours to Atlanta just because their venue is better. The BJCC is a joke.

Why not ... make the BJCC a dome! That'd be cool.

Why not ... give us Birmingham residents a better outlet mall than the horrible Shops at River Grand in Leeds. It's only good for its Loft and Brook Brothers. I mean, at least give us a JCrew! Come on.

Why not ... decide that NY and DC shouldn't be the only ones with a non-sketchy public transportation system. I mean, I know Birmingham isn't as big as those two cities ... but what would it hurt?!

Why not ... put some of that $64 million into making our airport ever better?! I know that it just had a makeover but I'm sure, especially considering what happened with that poor family and their little boy, that $$ in the airport could go towards something needed.

Why not ... build an aquarium or really cool museum of some sort? Give people a reason to come visit Birmingham! I mean, what is there really to do if you come here on a business trip and want a little r&r between meetings? Pretty much all you can do is visit Vulcan and grab a beer at Avondale Brewery. Although two very unique Birmingham experiences, they don't stack up to a Nash-Vegas or Hot-Lanta evening to a visitor.

Why not ... Or better yet ... give us a friggin amusement park! Something legit like a Six Flags. I can't see anyone complaining about that. If you would, I cannot see us continuing our friendship.

Why not ... do something and make 280 a more pleasant highway on which to drive on. Do I even need to explain the reasons for this? No. No, I do not.

I'm sure I could think of several more things that Birmingham could do with $64 million dollars, but it's 9:30 and very close to my bedtime.

I mentioned on Facebook earlier that I should run for city council and get things changed around here. I AM in advertising, you know. I'm confident (with the help of my co-workers) that we could put a very convincing campaign together.

I'll think it over and get back to you.