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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Molestache, Mozzarella Stick & Salvador

A couple of girlfriends and I went down to Pensacola for the weekend just to get out of town and have some fun. 

The kind of fun that includes - 

Leaving your keys in a cab and having to pay $40 to get them back
Taking a picture with a guy dressed up like Batman 
Bumping into a random man in our beach house's dark garage speaking to us in Spanish and scaring the willy nilly out of us
Buying two drinks at one time because the lines are so long 
Getting a ride back to your car in the morning from some girl you don't know 
Trying a Bloody Mary for the first time 
Befriending a handful of Marines - like, from the US Marine Corps. 

... And believing one of them when he told me he was divorced... 

It has happened. 

I'm officially old enough to find myself meeting and getting to know new and interesting MARRIED men who claim to be single. Actually, they take it one step further and have a real great detailed story to answer any and all questions. 

Y'all, what has this world come to?

I can't handle.