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Saturday, February 25, 2012

comfort zone

 a new perspective. a new attitude. a new mindset. a new start

all reasons why i said "yes" when my friend stephanie begged me to join her and another classmate in an inter mural softball team.  

yes, it's true that i haven't been on a ANY soft of athletic team since fifth grade (thankfully, it just so happened to be softball)

and yes, it's true that while on that team ... they stuck me in the outfield where i mostly gazed at the stars and picked at the grass because fifth grade girls don't hit balls out that far. 

but nevertheless, i'm trying to step outside my comfort zone and try new things and meet new people. so i'm now a member of the Moody Blues softball team at the university of alabama (don't ask me where that team name comes from ... i'm clueless. all that matters is i don't have to wear crimson and white.)

we had our first game last wednesday night and i was dreading every second of it. it was the first time in over 10 years that i had swung a bat or thrown a softball. to make matters worse, the captain of the team found great relief in the fact that i had played softball before (i mean, if you can even call what i did "playing softball") ... so he decided to make me the second basewoman ... which had me shaken to my very core. me? second basewoman? like ... an actual important position? no way. 

as the game started, i took to the field with my heart knocking against my chest. this was supposed to be FUN and to me, it couldn't have been farther from. i felt like all eyes were on me even though there were like 10 other people on the field including stephanie who has never played softball or baseball in her life. bless her.  

in the first inning, our rival kept hitting balls in the outfield with our players scrambling after them, struggling to keep each hit from becoming a homerun. we were getting CREAMED.

all of a sudden, a girl hits a groundball and its headed directly to me. dang it. time slows down and i panic in my brain. i hadn't practiced catching groundballs before the game. only pop-ups."i'm not gonna make it, i'm not gonna make it" ...................

turns out, that groundball had nothing on me and i got the out. talk about inner joy!!! 

as the game progressed, we kept getting pooped on. i, however, got another out at first (more inner joy) and scored a run. 

but in the end ... we lost 24-8 ... by the mercy rule. 

whatever. the point is: i had fun! stepping outside of your comfort zone is definitely refreshing. 

oh, and it boosts my ego knowing that i'm the second best girl on the team ... according to stephanie ... second only to the girl who played softball in high school. 

heck. yes. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


back in august ... two major things happened in my life:

1. i moved to tuscaloosa, alabama ... a place that i was raised to call "Hell" by my super passionate auburn alum father. i've been a resident of t-town now for almost seven months and i wouldn't necessarily say it's Hell ... though i definitely have an opinion on the place. someday soon i need to devote an entire post on life as an auburn grad living in t-town ... shoot, that might be the title of my first book publication ...

2. i accidentally deleted my precious, my lovely, my ever-so-fun blog that contained three years of beyond incredible stories, snippets, ponderings, everything. it was awful. call me a nerd ... but tears were shed. that sweet blog included the zesty details of my life with classic stories like when i thought a recipe was supposed to make six massive meatballs, not serve six people. and the vivid description of the night my friends and i slid down a snowy tennessee mountain in my car. and the tale of the drunk naked lovers arrest in the auburn crossings hot tub. and the numerous stories from my disney college program days (including my meaningful meeting with celine dion). all off it. gone.

and it's not like i could just up and create a new blog right away. i needed time to mourn. well, that and life got super busy with a whole mess of different changes.

i attempted to remain somewhat in the blogosphere by creating a tumblr ... but let's face it. tumblr is just no good. i managed to post some pretty entertaining pictures, videos, quotes, links, etc. but i don't know. tumblr's just weird. and i say that as a social media LOVER. love love love social media. but tumblr ... it's a hipster's blog. and i am no hipster.

my itch to actually write recently got the best of me. so, i'm back to blogging ... back to writing ... back to using those little brain cells that i've only been using to calculate circulation percentages and code magazine advertisements.

writing is cathartic, at least for me it is. how'd i ever think i could go along without it? dumb.

Monday, February 20, 2012

it's 2012. a new year ... i'm a few weeks late in this recognition but its here just the same.

a new year. a new perspective. a new attitude. a new mindset. a new start.
2012 ... my breath of fresh air from the rot that was last six months.
and so it is ...

that i guess the Lord knows what he's doing after all.